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Picking the Right Kind of Mulch

When it comes to the dizzying number of things you must consider when planning and maintaining your landscape, mulch may seem like the simplest part. Many people think that mulch is mulch and anything at the local gardening store that’s labeled “mulch” will meet their needs. They are mistaken.

Organic or Inorganic?

The first thing to decide is whether you want organic or inorganic mulch. Inorganic mulch includes things like bark, chippings,
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pine needles, etc. Inorganic mulches include rocks, plastic sheeting,
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rubber pellets, and similar products.

What do your plants need mulch do?

Picking the right mulch entails more Discount Chrome Hearts Jeans than organic vs. inorganic and aesthetics. Mulch’s first role is to protect the plants. It reduces the amount of sunlight and air that reaches the soil and can help reduce erosion. It helps control the soil’s temperature.

The right mulch regulates those things in the right amounts. The wrong mulch can spoil all of the hard work and money you have invested into your plants. Consider a dark mulch. The dark mulch absorbs heat and then releases it back to the plants above it. If that part of your yard receives enough sunlight, the bark can release enough heat to eventually kill plants that are not heat-tolerant.

The pros and cons of common mulches.

Organic Mulches (bark, chippings, etc.)

Pros: These are fairly inexpensive or even free (some cities/counties offer free mulch). They make good insulation. As they degrade, they release nutrients into the soil. Some types Chrome Hearts Online Pendants are natural pest repellents.

Cons: There is not much variety in color (unless they are dyed). The mulch has to periodically be replenished due to degradation and (for lighter materials) being carried away by rain. There is a risk of introducing pests, such as termites.

Inorganic Mulches: Rocks & Stone

Pros: These are available in a wide variety of color and sizes which makes it fairly easy to tailor the mulch to the look of your yard. It is very durable, so there is little need to replenish it once applied.

Cons: Rocks and stone are typically placed on top of a layer of black plastic, which increases the overall cost. Without the plastic, it can be easier for weeds to grow, especially when using larger stones. Stones tend to reflect a lot of sunlight and thus overheat plants that are not heat-tolerant. Because of their high durability, potential home-buyers who do not like the look of stone may be 925 Siliver Chrome Hearts Pendants deterred from buying (because removing the stones is labor intensive).

Inorganic Mulches: Plastics and Rubber

Pros: Black plastic is very good at inhibiting weeds and helping the soil retain water. It can be fairly inexpensive. Rubber pellets function much like stone pebble, though they are lighter.

Cons: Black plastic prevents water from entering the soil, so it must be used carefully to ensure that water reaches the plants’ roots. It is also prone to Chrome Hearts Accessories Fashion Online rotting. Rubber pellets can be expensive.

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