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3 Key Trends in Modern Architecture

Architecture has always been an ever-evolving field that supplants old ideas and concepts with newer innovations and updated codes, only to be scrapped Chrome Hearts Eyewear Discount Online again for even newer ideas. If you work in architecture or one of the affiliated industries (i.e. master planning, urban renewal),
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it’s important to stay current on trends and growth areas within modern architecture, not only in America, but globally.

Forward-thinking can help you stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your designs,
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not only meet existing standards, but can also be compliant many years in the future. The focus of this article is to show you five growing trends within modern architecture.

Trend #1 – Greater Emphasis On Master Planning

Clients that are looking for architecture firms to develop their land or create infrastructure are relying more on a ‘total package’ concept than in previous years. The customer is no longer satisfied with a building floorplan, accompanied by loose-knit schematics Chrome Hearts Accessories Cheap Shop on the surrounding areas.

Today’s customer wants their architects to show them not only how the main property will be developed, but also the surrounding community, businesses and infrastructure. Total usage of the entire piece of land has become a focal point and the customer wants to know how they can capitalize on every inch of their investment.

A client might have a “big idea” for what they see happening to their piece of land, but they want the architect to explain how their designs can impact their wallet. The overall master planning concept has to be created with every attention to detail. Today’s architects are now being viewed as designers, which may not be the best situation. Regardless, the architect is being relied upon to bring the clients vision to new light.

Sometimes unrealistic, the client is Cheap Chrome Store expecting an amazing structure that has functionality to fit into their larger vision, as well as be sustainable and have all of the amenities that prove to be popular on networks like HGTV, TLC and DIY.

Architects have to be on their toes more so now than at any time previously. The explanation of how the design fits all of those factors is every bit as important as the actual designs themselves.

Trend #2 – Integration Of More Natural Elements Into Modern Design

Green spaces on skyscrapers would be the best example of this growing trend. Many clients are becoming more ‘hip’ to the prospects of utilizing refurbished woods, green ivy and other things we see in everyday life. Sustainability is a big topic these days, as well as reducing one’s carbon footprint.

Environmental regulations are becoming more strict Chrome Hearts Tank Top Discount Store on a national level and the architects have a balancing act between designing a fully functioning landscape, as well as being friendly to nature and the wallet. The reasoning behind the client’s request for these elements falls anywhere from being aesthetically pleasing to maintaining a visual theme or even wanting to make a societal difference.

By incorporating ivy rooftops, living foliage, garden plots and shrubbery, the goal is to soften the look and go easier on one’s eyes. Grass and shrubs are known to reduce stress and utilizing those features into office buildings is proving to be a nice touch.

Green shade increases breathability and is playing a large role in modern architecture and master planning.

Trend #3 – Organic Shapes

Thanks to the technological advancements we have been experiencing over Chrome Hearts Sale Shop Pillows the last decade, the types of materials that builders can now use is staggering. Not only are these materials interesting and new, but tools used to create the shapes are every bit as fascinating. Continuing advancements will only be a great benefit to designers because the flexibility and sturdiness of the materials will only increase the uniqueness and “wow” factor.

The straight, angled and geometric shapes that were constructed in previous decades are losing out now to more curved, organic and even tangled patterns. Bridges and overpasses will showcase more curves and varying heights.

My basic understanding of bridges has been pretty simple – one straight construction that connects two pieces of road on land over canyons or water areas. Not only will these concepts change the way we view bridges, it will also have a positive effect on our congested highways and thoroughfares.

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